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Internet and Cyber Security

Basic Internet and Cyber Security

Course Info

A workshop on "BASIC INTERNET & CYBER SECURITY" presented by i&We. 

Ethical hacking is an important tool in many national security agencies and even companies. An Ethical Hacker is usually employed with the organization and can be trusted to undertake an attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems using the same methods as a Hacker. The goal of the ethical hacker is to help the organization take pre-emptive measures against malicious attacks by attacking the system himself; all the while staying within legal limits. In order to become an Ethical Hacker or Security Expert, one must think out of the box with the mentality that in order to catch a thief. 

This workshop is specifically designed to provide the right knowledge to the aspiring Hacking and Cyber Security enthusiasts. This workshop will explore the various means that an intruder has available to gain access to computer resources. It will investigate weaknesses by discussing the theoretical background behind, and whenever possible, actually performing the attack.


Course Format :

A Hybrid ( PhyGital) mode of offering spread as an Online-Offline-Online model.

Online Preplants: 7 days of Pre Learning via our customized E learning platform with the Understanding of You
Hands-On Workshops: 1 day of Campus based Interactions
Online SufPlants: 7 days of Post Learning via Industry Connects, Live Projects, Parallel "avenue" Identification on the portal

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Workshop Duration: 15 Days ( 12 Hours)

Hands-On Duration: 1 Days (7 Hours)


  • Introduction to Computer & Internet
  • Security Issues of Computer
  • Threats of Internet
  • Protecting Our Computer
  • Some Big Cases of Internet
  • Free and Online Good Antivirus Security
  • Internet Viruses And malware Protection
  • Securing from Internet Attacks
  • Fake Websites & Forums Security
  • Cybercafe Security Tips For Internet Users
  • Internet Fake Techniques And Tools Security
  • Concerns of Security in Cyber World
  • Mobile Security Tips When Your Are Using Internet

Note: These are just the major aspects that we will be discussing, each point will be elaborated in detail with demonstrations of the tools and techniques.




  • ·         Passion to learn new creative things.
  • ·         Knowledge of how to use Computer.
  • ·         Having basic knowledge of Web & Internet. 




  • ·         Learn to be secure in this threatening Cyber world.
  • ·         Know how hackers can hack your email, Facebook and other accounts and protect yourself from those attacks.
  • ·         Learn to be secure in internet and prevent yourself from being hacked.
  • ·         Gain knowledge on topics like Key logger, Virus & Spywares to be secure.
  • ·         Learn to keep your Computer Secure.




  • ·         Any person with basic knowledge on computer attend.
  • ·         Person are information security enthusiast attend.
  • ·         Students wanting a career in this field attend.
  • ·         Anybody interested in Information Security / Cyber Security attend. 



  • ·         Comprehensive course material will be provided to participants.
  • ·         Ethical Hacking Toolkit (Containing Tools, Videos, Ebooks, Presentations) .



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