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Interactive English Speaking and Personality Enhancement

Course Info

    Comprehend…. Translate…
    Reproduce… And Learn…


Course Format :

A Hybrid ( PhyGital) mode of offering spread as an Online-Offline-Online model.

  • 8 day (1-3-1-3) sessions for teacher orientation and readiness.
  • 32 day (15-2-15) sessions for Student Skill Enhancement, interfacing, contributory development and assignment Solutions.

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Workshop Duration: 32 Days (38 Hours)


Hands-On Duration: 2 Days (14 Hours)


Reading Wizard    Via a comprehension of graded material to read ranging from basic Panchatantra fables to famous pieces of literature.


Picture "Mr. Perfect"     Via a comprehension of leveled videos, documentaries, and visual comprehension acuities, students are taught the "art" of assimilation, transcription & eventual reproduction of the series of events and their significance in the overall scheme of things.


Voice "Modulators" & Critique     Audio reproduction, hearing concentration, translation into native understandings and re- recording for diction, phonetics, pronunciation and abilities to effectively integrate vocabulary into multiple representations.


Dialogue King/Queen     Effective communication development model with monologs, bilingual interactions, group discussions, multiple thread script understanding, roleplays, theatrics and emulation of great dialogues, speeches, debates, extempore, impromptu speaking exercise via an understanding of the catered audience.


Jumble Your Trade    Effectively integrate each domain of assimilation and start putting into practice and assignments.


Prerequisite :

 Basic Knowledge of alphabets, basic vocabulary and compound words.

 Eagerness to outperform the art of "taking the stage" and talking people over.



Teacher Takeaways

 Appreciation of difficulty
 Delimiter recognition
 Tone Recognition for overall passage 
 Sequence of events 
 Voice of paraphrase
 Parts of Speech
 Basic Grammatical structuring and observation of possible mistake points
 Student Mapping and their encouragement factoring
 Interest level and governed observations

Student Takeaways

 Competitive understanding of present standing
 Grammatical Construction 
 Idea Reconciliation & Recapture
 Ability to Translate in natives 
 Ability to represent own version in fewer words (Precise Writing) 
 Everything that the teachers are able to comprehend and pass on through their training effort


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