Aim and Intent :

An application catering to the various problems of modern day symptomizations, its follow uptrail with medical consultation, the intricacies involved, the divides of access and reach of help, the usage of the "virtual friend" , the buckthreft that follows and the lack of the wherewithall in one single platform...

Through FIXCURE,we intend to provide a one platform solution to the problems of :

 Long queues at consultation chambers.
 The repititive failure at quality identification of the medico.
 The lack of true guides to good PHARMACOLOGICAL support which is effective, seamless and feasible.
 The many traps and lacks of diagnostic advisory (and its wherewithall).
 The lack of a common repository to future possibilities, recommendations and prescriptive( yet analytical) advisory on your health...

Via an application which reduces turnaround time with your expert , provides concise management of your health history which you can look back at your comfort , creates a hive of feasible and cost effective options for the pharmacy and dignostic centre options (both online and offline , pick up and doorstep delivery patterns), and yet in a very "smart" way predict, prevent and produce a better TOMORROW blueprint for you... "its an attempt to simplify your recovery trail with an advisory for whats in store" and its meant for both the Masses and the Classes... because the access to life and everything which makes it sweeter in spend should be "Devoid Of Divide" .

Present Status :

Version 1.0.0 in process and estimated to be launched soon...with most of what is above , the other versions too enqueued for what is to cater and what to explore..

The details of Technologies involved and the platforms used would be periodically shared and again its YOU who we invite as
its becuase of you , eventually for you , thereby by you