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ENERGY - the secret to Positivity

The power of Positive Attitude

Course Info

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.Mind is the most powerful part of a Human Being. Your will in the end decides the quotient of Success, overcome those tiny hesitations thereby enjoying a long,praoctive life. Your zeal keeps your back in times of distress. The positive aura pushes you through those circumstances. Life has a lot to offer, if only we allow it to speak.

i&We offers a unique workshop on how you can convert your negativity into productivity.We help you determining the solutions to the problems that exists in your life. It builds your overall persona, and with that positive energy around you, it would help you lead a life you have been yearning for and maintain a healthy relationship.

Course Format :

A Hybrid ( PhyGital) mode of offering spread as an Online-Offline-Online model.

Online Preplants: 1 days of Pre-Learning via our customized E-learning platform with dedicated impetus on Corporate Goodwill 
Hands-On Workshops: 2 days of Campus-based Interactions (6 hours each) @ the Corporate Campus
Online SufPlants: 2 days of Post Learning via recognition, certificates and on the portal competitions.

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Workshop Duration: 5 Days (14 Hours)

Hands-On Duration: 02 Days (12 Hours)



  • ·         Dealing with adversities through hope and optimism to evade helplessness

    ·         Actitvities to release monotonicity in workplace and personal instances

    ·         Ability to discover your strengths and to use it to the best of the abilities in various avenues

    ·         Adding value to your life to strengthen your potential and relationships(both professional and personal)

    ·         Helping to break your intuition about a perfect life and what more you can achieve





  • This course is designed for individuals who are trying to improve their life or are seeking an opportunity to reveal their hidden potential. A new life awaits at the other side of the workshop where life becomes simpler with deserved priorities.

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