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Core value actualisation

Realising the essential principles

Course Info

The objective of the programme is to enable participants to identify, interpret & describe the behavioural requirements for Value Actualization in the organization in the present scenario of increasing competition. The programme would also enable participants to identify & align their personal values & behaviours with those of the organization for growth and renewal for themselves and the organization.  

Course Format :

A Hybrid ( PhyGital) mode of offering spread as an Online-Offline-Online model.

Online Preplants: 5 days of Pre-Learning via our customized E-learning platform with dedicated impetus on Corporate Goodwill 
Hands-On Workshops: 3 days of Campus-based Interactions (6 hours each) @ the Corporate Campus
Online SufPlants: 2 days of Post Learning via recognition, certificates and on the portal competitions.

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Workshop Duration: 10 Days (22 Hours)

Hands-On Duration: 03 Days (18 Hours)



  • Concept of Human Values-Need & Significance
  • Values as Guiding Philosophy
  • Value Clarification Process
  • Aligning Self Values with Organizational Values
  • Actualizing core values at Individual, Group and Organizational Level.




·         The programme would be delivered through classroom sessions and interactive group discussions




  • ·         Non-Executives of Corporate Centre only 

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