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TransForm : The Changing World of Manufacturing.

Posted on January 31st, 2018 in 3D Printing by Ujjal

Evolution is always Transiting while Mother Nature Forms its miracles, including the likes of us! The Manufacturing Processes also has been Trans-Forming over the period and thus various Industrial Revolutions have taken place over time and again


“3D Printing”, The next big thing The future of manufacturing industry

Posted in 3D Printing by Titash

Though designing has always kept its pace with the time in its own standards, manufacturing industry has revolutionized the world in its long run.


The ability to ideate and produce any complex model increased the hunger of every individual in the modern era.




Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing started to play its role in the early 2000s around the globe and have been recognized all over in the manufacturing market. India, though started a bit late, have now finally geared up to produce things with this technology. Wasting materials in conventional methods have now reduced to a great extent as additive manufacturing works on the principle of producing a structure by adding layers upon layers, irrespective of any complex design.

The process is quite simple as printing physical 3d objects is done by just feeding it 3d digital data.

Th market value is gradually increasing just because, “the design no more depends on the complexity of the production, but the simplicity of the production now depends on the complexity of the design”.

So, with the diversity in the kinds of designs, the 3D Printing technology have wide spread influence in the market like Medical and dental industry, Aerospace and aviation industry, Automotive industry, Art and architecture industry, Fashion and jewellery, food industry and many more.

Hence, students from any field can now capitalize in their technologies and can strengthen their skill-sets.


All you need is a good designing skill to ideate and modulate, and a good printer to produce it and make it physically functioning.