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TransForm : The Changing World of Manufacturing.

Posted on January 31st, 2018 in 3D Printing by Ujjal

Evolution is always Transiting while Mother Nature Forms its miracles, including the likes of us! The Manufacturing Processes also has been Trans-Forming over the period and thus various Industrial Revolutions have taken place over time and again


Celebrating the colors of OUR Life Building A student perspective in our Education

Posted on March 11th, 2017 by Aaquib

For students sitting in the remote far east of India, to the institutional intellectualism that resides in our IIT's. From remote dreams of making it to a high school grade due to constraints of Language to the ability of building the eventual manifestation of Science through models and bots...


The A++ Paradox

Posted on February 2nd, 2017 by Bannya

Few years back when I penned down my first poem, my mother was the first to hear it. I couldn’t wait to see her reactions so I read the poem out to her myself, pausing at every comma and exclamation. She hugged me tightly and said it was brilliant. She urged me to write more.

From then on, I wrote several other poems and stories, received various accolades in different school fests and competitions.



I knew I had found happiness.


“Victims of Traditions” - “Wings of Possibilities”

Posted on February 2nd, 2017 by Sachin

Education institutes in India have for long been similar to candle factories. One who has been to such a factory is quite aware how the candle maker heats the wax and pours it into the mould and the candle gets its desired shape. Students, however are not wax, but they are constantly being forced into the same moulds of career options as was available for their forefathers. Thus, a great need for breaking stereotypes arises. 


“The Imminent Dossier to Machine Control” – Future prospects to the Life we’d live with Data and Automation

Posted on January 30th, 2017 in Information Technology by Soumitra

For very long the “Art” of Information Technology has been conceived to be one surviving in isolation, one with limited expanse and a divide of the mechanization involved, the skill required and the specialization expected. It was considered to be something akin to a black box to the world which knew its expanse but never fared to go further into the nuance. But today it’s the basis of intelligence and cognitive being. Machine Independence is a thing of the past and the logic which drives it is too abstractly lucid for anybody with the resources (or even without !!!! with the advent of the CLOUD) to fathom.


“Bhaiya, Ye i&We kya hai?”

Posted on September 3rd, 2016

I was among the organizers of a Start Up Conclave being organized in one of the most prestigious institutes of the country IIT (ISM), Dhanbad. It was 2 pm and the Penman Auditorium was full with nearly 300 first year students dancing on AIESEC jives. The first session of the conclave was about to start. In came two tall young men. One of them started speaking and within a few seconds the energetic crowd which was dancing and jumping was quiet. Since I was busy with the logistics, I hardly heard what he was saying. But the crowd seemed to be mesmerized. The auditorium was completely silent and only that man could be heard. I was a little surprised because it hardly happens that engineering students listen to some speaker with that much attention. On checking the guests’ list I found that his name was Aaquib and the other one was Kazi and they were speaking about something called “i&We”


The Engineer who never Engineered – The Reason

Posted by Aaquib

  The essence of science and technology was always supposed to be in the solutions that exuded out of situations, problems and their incumbent challenges... that is why perhaps the ones who honed the skills of applying the same were called “Engineers” ... but the secret to coping with technology-oriented people is to understand their motivations. And possibly that’s where we miss the bus, the train and nowadays even a fleet of foot soldier carrying war crafts 

(Read: The “Mass Recruiters”) ….  


“3D Printing”, The next big thing The future of manufacturing industry

Posted in 3D Printing by Titash

Though designing has always kept its pace with the time in its own standards, manufacturing industry has revolutionized the world in its long run.


The ability to ideate and produce any complex model increased the hunger of every individual in the modern era.




Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing started to play its role in the early 2000s around the globe and have been recognized all over in the manufacturing market. India, though started a bit late, have now finally geared up to produce things with this technology. Wasting materials in conventional methods have now reduced to a great extent as additive manufacturing works on the principle of producing a structure by adding layers upon layers, irrespective of any complex design.

The process is quite simple as printing physical 3d objects is done by just feeding it 3d digital data.

Th market value is gradually increasing just because, “the design no more depends on the complexity of the production, but the simplicity of the production now depends on the complexity of the design”.

So, with the diversity in the kinds of designs, the 3D Printing technology have wide spread influence in the market like Medical and dental industry, Aerospace and aviation industry, Automotive industry, Art and architecture industry, Fashion and jewellery, food industry and many more.

Hence, students from any field can now capitalize in their technologies and can strengthen their skill-sets.


All you need is a good designing skill to ideate and modulate, and a good printer to produce it and make it physically functioning.


The world of films is transcending the way we educate!

Posted in Edtech by Zoya

Education has been channelized through various mediums. The transformation over the years, has been dynamic in every scope possible. Chalks and slates have turned into tabs and styluses. No more, are the classrooms limited to the walls of schools. Theaters too, began sheltering the learners and creators.


Career Prospects In Building Information Modelling

Posted in Building Information Modelling by Sonak

"What are you going to be when you grow up?"


This is a question we've all been asked or have asked ourselves as kids. The answer to that has always evolved or even changed as we kept growing older and started developing new ideas or aspirations