"Welcome to India's first Phygital Platform of Education Experience"

"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man"

In pursuit of the same perfection, i&We aims to give you platforms to learn, prototype and productise, in the true spirit of the modern day with an eye to see the India of tomorrow. Because an India divide of devoid in Education would be an answer to all that we are plagued by as a society and as a country.

Starting as a bunch of Technology rebels who wanted to transform the way the Education system is in India, via a proper identification of cross dimensional issues that plague it,

We have for you a state of the art Learning management portal developed by Education enthusiasts, academicians, Technology specialists, Subject matter experts across the spread of the Indian Education diaspora. This portal is the answer to the need of "Organic and Active Learning" with a behaviourally designed setup of pre-learning, hands on implementations and post learning a domain from Kindergartens to Post graduation courses. With curated content, machine learning enabled platforms (web and app) and direct interactions via hands on (Industry Specialist) enabled "Workshops", we aim to reach you the way you are most ready, the way it’s the most convenient and in the way that you find Education the most intriguing.
At i&We, Education is a way for life, thereby our formulations of targeted "Education Experiences" for each student under the sky in India... whether it be the Learning & Communicating abilities of a middle school student in Rural India, to his Robotic development abilities in Urban centres. From employment readiness for multiple tiers of technical & non-technical colleges to Entrepreneurial Fabric development for the sharpest acumens in India, we cater to all, and the binding mechanism to all of this is the first "Phygital" model of Education impartation in India.

Welcome aboard towards a journey, of identifying the REAL you!!